Saturday, February 1, 2014

In Praise of Scarves

Living in a Northern climate, the scarf is a positively indispensable article of winter attire. When Jack Frost is relentlessly nipping at one's nose, it is of vital importance to have some type of defence. Since the full-face balaclava, although terminally practical, makes one look like the perpetrator of some nefarious misdeed, it is really not a reasonable choice for day-to-day wear. Therefore we call upon the scarf to shield our tender visages from the season's cruel bite.

Aside from its protective properties, a scarf can also add a spot of flash to an otherwise dreary ensemble. Versatile coats are more often than not in rather plain shades of navy, grey, camel, or black, and are well suited to being paired with a pop of colour around the neck. Scarves are also an easy way to change the mood of one's outerwear look, allowing the same basic coat-hat-glove combo to go from sharply elegant to playfully absurd in one blissfully simple step.

And, of course, the way one ties a scarf can also add an element of flair. Options range from the casually droopy:

to the smartly prim:

In short, the scarf is well poised to be your dearest companion as winter drags on and on and on. Useful and stylish, the scarf truly is your neck's best weapon in the fight against both blowing snow and sartorial boredom.

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